Truco Africa is a leading southern Africa manufacturer of comprehensive ranges of rubber products tailored for use in the mining and marine, as well as general, industries.

With its head office in Johannesburg, Truco Africa uses its 4-branch network to distribute its ranges of high quality rubber and PVC hoses, rubber sheeting, conveyor belting and numerous other rubber and PVC products throughout South Africa and the African continent.

The branch network is made up of Truco South Africa (our BBBEE partner), Truco KZN, Truco Cape and Truco Ghana.

Truco Africa is committed to the highest quality of manufacturing standards.
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Our range of rubber products

Orange Arrow Right Mining & Industrial Hoses: Designed for use with air, water, petrochemical, oil, gas and numerous other applications in mining, quarrying, agriculture, construction, bulk storage, transport and irrigation industries, among others.
Orange Arrow Right Rubber Sheeting: A comprehensive range of rubber sheeting and linings, including insertion rubber, abrasion resistant Trucotex®, neoprene, nitrile, butyl, silicon, hypalon and Viton.
Orange Arrow Right Conveyor Belting: SABS and SANS-approved high-grade conveyor belts customised to required thickness, compound and reinforcement specifications for superior performance and durability with industrial applications.
Orange Arrow Right Conveyor Belt Accessories & Services: A comprehensive range of accessories, state-of-the-art machines and onsite conveyor belt services that extend conveyor belt versatility, minimise downtime and increase belt performance.
Orange Arrow Right Rubber Bellows: Also known as rubber compensator bellows or dampeners, this range provides the ultimate in pipeline flexibility for industrial rubber pipes and steel pipes.
Orange Arrow Right Marine Fenders & Mooring Systems: The best in international-standard marine fenders and mooring systems with PIANC type-approval certification.
Orange Arrow Right Victaulic Products: We supply the full range of over 16 000 Victaulic mechanical pipe joining products to mining and industrial applications across the continent.

Our Core Values

Truco is committed to excellence, not just in terms of the quality of our products, but in how we conduct our business, all the way from the supply chain to our customers. We believe that our success over more than 125 years of doing business in Africa is the result of a deep-rooted company ethic that is customer-centric, based on trust and accountability, and is socially responsible and committed to development and transformation.

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Truco Africa branches and offices

Truco Africa's head office and one of Truco South Africa's branches are located in separate buildings in Chamdor, Johannesburg. Truco Africa focuses on business north of South Africa and Truco South Africa, as BEE partner, focuses on business within the country. Truco South Africa has another Johannesburg office based in Crown Mines.

The Cape Town branch of Truco Africa is also known as Table Bay Rubber Company (TBRC) and services the Cape area, while its branch in KwaZulu Natal that services the entire region is called Truco KZN.

Our Ghana branch, situated in the country's capital Accra, serves West Africa's mining, agriculture and oil & gas industries with Truco Africa's range of industrial rubber products, solutions and services.

Additionally, Truco Africa has a marine division - Truco Marine Division, which offers quayside harbour fenders, mooring systems and fenders for tugboats, among others. The Division, operating through Truco KZN and TBRC due to their geographical locations, is also an agent for Trelleborg Marine Systems, allowing it to supply ship and harbour wall fenders that meet international standards.

Truco Africa - our history

Truco Africa was established in 1892 by William Anderson, a Scottish immigrant, as the result of his acquisition of a small rubber goods company. By capitalising on the evolution of the mining industry and becoming a representative of the Electric Hose and Rubber Company of America, Truco created a legacy of continued growth and development.

Over the years the company diversified its product range, from the initial focus on raincoats to ultimately include small and large bore rubber abrasion-resistant hoses, PVC hoses and hose fittings, rubber mouldings and extrusions, rubber sheeting and lining material, ship and harbour wall fenders and a wide range of adhesives for bonding industrial rubber products.

In addition to these rubber products, Truco Africa has become a respected player in the conveyor belt market and offers a range of textile and steel cord conveyor belting solutions to many industries. The company prides itself on its attention to innovation, an aspect evident in the development and manufacture of its own conveyor belt slitting machine designed to eliminate waste and improve delivery times.

In 1908 William Anderson's eldest son John Anderson succeeded him and took the helm of Truco. In turn, John's son, J. Roy Anderson, succeeded him and remained managing director until his death in the 1980s.

Truco Africa's current Chairman Mike Anderson is the nephew of J.Roy Anderson and has been with Truco Africa since the 1960s.

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Rubber Sheeting

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