Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Truco supplies high-quality stainless steel braided hose for the toughest industrial fluid transfer applications.

The ultra-robust stainless steel hose is the optimum solution for applications where high temperature and flammability, chemical compatibility and maximum reliability are required.

  • Variety of lengths, sizes and connectors to suit your requirements
  • Short lead times, fast delivery
  • Manufactured in accordance with internationally-recognised quality standards
  • ISO 9001-accredited

Truco is one of the largest suppliers of engineered industrial hose products in Africa.

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Applications include:

Automotive | Chemical | Nuclear Plants | Pneumatic | Refineries | Shipping | Transport | Aircraft | Food & Beverage | Steel Plants | Oil & Gas Plants | Sugar | Pulp & Paper

When to use Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Temperature Extremes:
If either the temperature of the media going through the hose or the surrounding atmospheric temperature is very cold or hot, Stainless Steel Braided Hose may be the only material that can withstand the temperature extremes.

Chemical Compatibility:
Stainless steel hose can handle a wider variety of chemicals than most of the other hose types. If the hose will be exposed to aggressive chemicals (either internally or externally), stainless steel hose should be considered.

Permeation Concerns:
Non-metal hose is susceptible to having gases permeate through the hose wall and into the atmosphere. Stainless steel hose does not allow for permeation.

Potential for Catastrophic Failure:
When a stainless steel hose fails, it usually develops small holes or cracks. Other hose types tend to develop larger cracks or come apart completely. Stainless steel hose may help minimise the effects of failure.

Abrasion and Over Bending Concerns:
To prevent abrasion and over bending, a stainless steel hose can be used as a protective cover.

Fire Safety:
Other hose types will melt when exposed to fire whilst stainless steel braided hose maintains its integrity up to 649° C.

Achieving Full Vacuum:
Under full vacuum, a stainless steel braided hose maintains its shape whilst other hose types can collapse.

Flexibility in Fitting Configuration:
Virtually any type of fitting can be attached to the stainless steel hose.

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