Specialised steel cord conveyor belt manufacturer Truco is a South Africa-based manufacturer of conveyor belting and industrial rubber products!

Truco manufactures, supplies and services specialised steel cord reinforced conveyor belts used in mining and construction. Supplied throughout South Africa and into Africa, these belts ensure optimal performance in very harsh operating conditions and are ideal for transporting large volumes over long distances.

Truco manufactures conveyor belts and conveyor belting solutions, including specialised steel cord conveyor belts tailored to meet individual specification requirements.

Specialised steel cord conveyor belt benefits

Orange Arrow Right High tensile strength of 4 500 kN per metre
Orange Arrow Right Available in widths of up to 2.6 metres (custom sizes available)
Orange Arrow Right Large stockholding enables very fast turnaround time
Orange Arrow Right 12-month warranty on all conveyor belts
Orange Arrow Right SABS 1366 and SANS 971 - Fire Retardant Belting-approved

All conveyor belts manufactured and distributed by this specialised steel cord conveyor belt manufacturer deliver superior performance, are highly durable and can be tailored to precise specifications to suit application requirements.

Truco supplies, installs and services complete conveyor belt systems and parts for industrial and mining applications. These include specialised steel cord conveyor belts, textile reinforced conveyor belts, chevron rubber conveyor belts and steep incline rubber conveyor belts.


Truco has been providing conveyor belt solutions for mining and industry for over 100 years. Contact +27 11 839 2370 now to enquire about how we can help you with yours!

Truco cover compounds are available to ensure your belt is resistant to harsh environments:

Orange Arrow Right

Grade N - General Purpose Rubber Cover Compound

Orange Arrow Right

Grade M - Wear and Cut Resistant Rubber Cover Compound

Orange Arrow Right

Grade FR - Fire Retardant Cover Compound

Orange Arrow Right

Grade HR - Heat Resistant Cover Compound

Textile Reinforced Conveyor Belts

Textile Reinforced Conveyor Belts

Ideal for mining, quarrying, earth moving, mineral processing and various other demanding conveying applications. These fabric reinforced conveyor belts can be cut to customer specifications, and compounded with abrasion, impact, heat, fire and oil resistant covers.

Steel Cord Reinforced Conveyor Belts

Steel Cord Reinforced Conveyor Belts

To ensure consistent conveying of large heavy volumes in the mining industry, our steel cord reinforced conveyor belts offer the optimum solution. The top and bottom covers are manufactured to customer-specified thickness and grade. These belts covers can be compounded with covers that are resistant to oil, fire, heat and impact, which ensures conveyor belt durability over a wide range of applications

Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belts

Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belts

Truco manufactures top-quality Chevron belting for the transport of aggregate, fertilizer, grains, sand, bark and wood chips. Belt widths can be cut between 600 mm and 1 000 mm, and cleat heights from 15 mm to 20 mm.

Steep Incline Rubber Conveyor Belts

Steep Incline Rubber Conveyor Belts

Designed to achieve utmost conveyance efficiency over steep inclines while using maximum space and experiencing zero spillage. This is made possible because of the terraced belt with fabricated sidewalls and cleats, and because there are no transfer points.

High standards and high quality

The high manufacturing standards adhered to by Truco means that its specialised steel cord conveyor belts are durable and deliver superior performance.

Our extensive R38-million manufacturing facility in Johannesburg enables us to produce required quantities of belts, idlers, stringers, pulleys and over 400 mild or strong stainless steel frames per day for all conveyor belt lengths, widths, angles and belts.

Service, accessories and machinery

Truco ensures a comprehensive stockholding of conveyor belt systems, conveyor belts and their accessories. This, combined with representation in Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, ensures fast delivery throughout Africa.

In addition, we provide ranges of accessories and conveyor machinery, as well as a comprehensive service offering. These assist our customers with splicing and condition monitoring, among a comprehensive range of services.

Other Truco products

In addition to conveyor belts and related paraphernalia, including long distance conveyor belt systems, Truco is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of industrial hoses. These industrial hoses are available in rubber or PVC, and are used in the industrial sector for conveying air, water, petroleum, acetylene, weak acids and alkalis, and oil. All our hoses are manufactured to stringent specifications.

Contact Truco today on +27 (0) 11 839 2370 for information on long distance conveyor belt systems, or complete the form.

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