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Truco is one of Africa's leading rubber hose suppliers. A specialist manufacturer of a wide range of rubber products since 1892, we are beginning supply of these proven, certified products to Australia's mining, construction, oil and gas, petrochemical and agriculture industries.

Why purchase industrial rubber hose from Truco?

Orange Arrow Right Competitive pricing
Orange Arrow Right Proven quality, with SANS-accredited hose manufactured in our ISO 9001 facilities
Orange Arrow Right Complete range of small and large bore rubber hoses for all industrial applications
Orange Arrow Right Bore sizes up to 1 200 mm, pressure up to 40 bar
Orange Arrow Right Developing distribution and services network in Australia geared towards short lead times, fast delivery
Orange Arrow Right Complete range of hose fittings, accessories, couplings, flanges and clamps

Our rubber products have been proven in the toughest industrial environments for over 125 years.

Find the industrial hose you need:

goldline air and water rubber hose

Water Hose

Convey water up to 20 bar with this industrial water hose range. Manufactured to perform across a wide temperature range, with high abrasion resistance for rugged conditions.

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suction and delivery hose

Suction and Delivery Hose

Ideal for the suction and delivery of water, oil and weak acids and alkalis. Incorporates a twin high-tensile wire helix embedded into the carcass of the hose to prevent kinking.

Get more information on suction and delivery rubber hoses by enquiring today.

greenline air and waterhose

Air Hose

Our high pressure air hose conveys air at up to 180 bar (18 000 kPa), and comes in a range of bore sizes to deliver your compressed air requirements.

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Chemical Composite Hose

Chemical Hose

Durable and reliable hoses designed for chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturers; haulers; loading terminal operators; plant engineers and chemicals distributors.

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oil resistant hose

Oil Hose

High-quality oil-resistant hose up to 50 mm nominal bore to transfer oils and oil derivatives up to 20 bar from -20° to 120° C.

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Blue non marking nitrile hose

Food & Beverage Hose

Non-marking, non-conductive nitrile washdown hose for dairies, breweries and abattoirs. High resistance to oil and other substances.

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Bolted hose clamp

Hose Fittings

We supply bolted hose clamps, 2-piece hose clamps, barbed fittings, crimped fittings, hose adapters, and fittings from leading manufacturers Norma, Perrot & Storz, Dixon, Staub and Gates.

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Truco is a leading supplier of reinforced rubber hose to mining and industry.

Truco Factory

Rubber hose supplier in Australia

Headquartered in Johannesburg, with branches across South Africa, Truco has grown rapidly across Africa so service customers as far north as Ghana.

Our products meet the highest quality standards, and have been proven in some of the toughest industrial environments, where they help operators transfer material and fluid more efficiently, safely and reliably.

Now these high-quality hoses will be available to industries in Australia. We will be growing our distribution and service network wherever companies need us.

GET IN TOUCH WITH TRUCO TODAY! Send us an enquiry or call us on +27 11 839 2370 to discuss your rubber hose requirements.

Send us your requirements using the STAMPED acronym:

Size: The length and inside diameter?

Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported?

Application: What is the purpose of the hose?

Material: What product will be conveyed through the hose?

Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin?

Ends: Are couplings required, and if so a detailed specification?

Delivery: When is it needed?


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