As leading manufacturers in industrial rubber technology, Truco covers Cape Town with a complete range of industrial rubber hoses.

Truco manufactures rubber hose for all of Cape Town's air, fluid and solids transfer requirements.

Truco's range of rubber hoses includes:

Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering with this guide.


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Sand and shot blasting

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Pulp and slurry

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Air and water suction and delivery

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Chemical and fuel transfer

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Food and beverage

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Gas welding and cutting

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greenline air and waterhose

Greenline Industrial Rubber Hose

Greenline Industrial Rubber Hose is a medium-duty air and water hose for medium pressure mining and industrial applications, including pneumatic air tools, portable compressors and various other air and water applications.

goldline air and water rubber hose

Goldline Air and Water Rubber Hose

Goldline Air and Water Rubber Hose is suitable for a wide range of high-pressure air and water applications including rock drilling. This robust hose is best suited for use in construction sites and quarries as well as in industrial plants.

sand and shotblast rubber hose

Rubber Sand and Shotblast Hose

Sand and Shotblast Hose has a highly abrasive-resistant liner that is suitable for conveying sand, shot and other sharp and abrasive particles at high velocities.

suction and delivery hose

Rubber Suction and Delivery Hose

Truco's Rubber Suction and Delivery Hoses are ideal for the suction and delivery of water and weak acids and alkalis. This hose incorporates a twin high-tensile wire helix embedded into the carcass of the hose that prevents the hose from kinking in small bend radius applications.

oil resistant hose

Oil Resistant Rubber Hose

Oil Resistant Rubber Hose is a multipurpose hose that is ideal for medium pressure industrial applications where resistance to heat, oil or oil-based products is required. This hose is able to convey fuels with an aromatic hydrocarbon content not exceeding 50%.

Blue non marking nitrile hose

Blue Non-marking and Non-conductive Nitrile Hose

Blue Non-marking and Non-conductive Nitrile Hose is used as a washdown hose in dairies, breweries and abattoirs where a non-marking hose is required. This hose can convey petroleum-based products such as oil and LPG

yellow jackhammer hose

High Pressure Jackhammer Hose

High Pressure Jackhammer Hose is a robust, heavy-duty, high-pressure air hose suited for tough, arduous environments and rugged mining conditions. With SANS 1086/2007 compliance.

acetylene hose

Blue Oxygen and Red Acetylene Hose

Blue Oxygen and Red Acetylene Hoses are ideal for gas welding and cutting applications, and are used between gas cylinders and cutting / welding torches. These ISO-approved and marked hoses have burst pressures in excess of 7 000 kPa.

radiator hose

Radiator Rubber Hoses

Radiator Hose is used to convey most chemicals and glycol-based coolants at elevated temperatures, mainly on radiators or hot water lines. Truco's Radiator Hose provides high strength and long-lasting performance in the toughest conditions.

fuel line hose

Fuel Line Hoses

Fuel Line Hose is ideal for conveying fuel and oil with an aromatic content less than 50%. This hose can also be used in oil applications where oil resistance or oil mist resistance is required, such as in compressed air and pneumatic tool applications.

Rubber hoses for Irrigation

Rubber Hoses for Irrigation

Agriculture industries rely on highly durable rubber hoses for proper irrigation. Truco's range of PVC and rubber hoses is designed for conveying water over extended distances in a variety of conditions.

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