Truco supplies oxygen acetylene hoses for use in highly abrasive welding applications.

This unique combination hose comprises an oxygen (blue) and an acetylene (red) hose that form one solution for all welding and gas applications.

The oxy acetylene hose features a specialised rubber cover with self-extinguishing properties for operations under the pressures of sparks and flames associated with welding.

Features and benefits of Truco's gas welding hose:

Orange Arrow Right ISO:3821 certified for gas welding equipment
Orange Arrow Right Black NR/SBR liner for abrasive applications
Orange Arrow Right UV, ozone and abrasion resistant covers
Orange Arrow Right Temperature range: -20°C to 90°C
Orange Arrow Right Packaged in 100 m rolls
Orange Arrow Right Reinforcing: Woven polyester yarn

Truco's welding hoses withstand the toughest applications


Ensure an efficient choice of your twin welding hose, with this table and the industrial hoses guide.

Part Nominal Size Actual Approximate Wall Burst Approximate
Number Bore Inch mm OD thickness Pressure Mass
HACET 008X 8 5/16 7.94 16.3 4.1 7000 kpa 0.340 kg/m
HOCY 008X 8 5/16 7.94 16.3 4.1 7000 kpa 0.340 kg/m

One hose solution for all welding and gas applications! Enquire now or phone +27 11 762 5291.

Order our welding hose in the following sizes:

Orange Arrow Right

8 mmID

Orange Arrow Right

With custom sizes available


Oxygen and Acetylene hose

In 2014 Truco's Oxygen and Acetylene hose was officially certified according to ISO 3821: 2008 standards.

Certification is for: "Gas welding equipment for Rubber hoses for welding, cutting and allied processes".

Over 6 000 metres of oxy acetylene welding hose is ordered each month from Truco!

Truco supplies its welding hose solutions to SA's top welding, gas and cutting companies.

Truco: Your industrial rubber partner since 1892

Truco's industrial rubber products

Truco products are manufactured in accordance with internationally-recognised quality standards. ISO 9001-accredited.

With over R30 million stock holding, Truco ensures a short turnaround time from order to delivery.

Industrial rubber products from Truco are used throughout mining, agriculture and other industrial applications in South Africa and Africa, making Truco one of the largest suppliers of engineered industrial rubber products on the continent.

In addition to this gas welding oxy acetylene hose, our extensive large and small bore rubber hose offering includes:s

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