Truco is an authorised, official African distributor of the full range of NORMACLAMP® Heavy Duty Hose Clamps, including the GBS Trunnion Clamp.

The NORMACLAMP® GBS Trunnion Clamp is a heavy-duty clamp that is designed for specialised applications as it provides high levels of band tensile force.

NORMA® has over 60 years' experience in superior pipe joining, connecting and clamping products. NORMA® is the leading clamp manufacturer for the world's toughest applications.

NORMACLAMP® Heavy Duty Hose Clamps:

Orange Arrow Right Ideal for suction and high-pressure hoses
Orange Arrow Right Extremely easy to install with manual, electric or pneumatic tools
Orange Arrow Right Band tensile force levels improved by a factor of three
Orange Arrow Right Features a specially designed bolt with integrated spacer to improve performance
Orange Arrow Right Robust band prevents hose damage
Orange Arrow Right Reinforced hose loops for high-torque applications
Orange Arrow Right Mechanically locking closure - no welding spots!
Orange Arrow Right Available ex-stock for short turnaround times
Orange Arrow Right Truco upholds the NORMA® Group lifetime warranty

Truco is an authorised distributor of NORMACLAMP® hose clamps and pipe connectors in Africa.


Trunnion Clamps

NORMACLAMP® Heavy-Duty Trunnion clamp has been German-engineered to increase your pipe joining performance.

It features hard-wearing designs and specialised design features:

Orange Arrow Right

Bolt: specially designed bolt with integrated spacer for improved performance. The stainless steel version has a socket head cap bolt.

Orange Arrow Right

Reinforced band loops: that are able to withstand much higher torques

Orange Arrow Right

Mechanically locked closure: facilitates no welding spots and no contact corrosion

Orange Arrow Right

Bridge: for hose protection

Orange Arrow Right

Robust band with rounded edges: to prevent injuries and damage to hoses

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Hollow trunnions: to reduce tensile forces on the bolt and the mechanical locking system

Optimise your pipe joining systems with NORMACLAMP® hose clamps.
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