Truco supplies the NORMACONNECT® range of REP E non-restraint repair couplings. These couplings are used to connect and / or seal damaged metal and plastic pipes.

They feature simplified designs that enable repairs to be carried out easily, quickly and safely without the need to dismantle the pipes.

NORMACONNECT® FGR REP E repair couplings:

Orange Arrow Right Ensures a reliable, safe and leak-free connection
Orange Arrow Right Enables easy, quick and safe repair without dismantling the pipes
Orange Arrow Right Easy to install without special tools
Orange Arrow Right Sizes: 35 to 1 219 mm
Orange Arrow Right Working pressures: 4 to 60 bar
Orange Arrow Right Available ex-stock for short turnaround times
Orange Arrow Right Truco upholds the NORMA® Group lifetime warranty

This range of NORMA® products allows Truco to offer innovative pipe joining systems for a wide range of markets, including: mining, marine, agricultural, industrial, HVAC, aviation and automotive segments.


Truco is an authorised distributor of NORMACLAMP® hose clamps and pipe connectors in Africa. We carry stock of these solutions to lower your operational downtime!

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