The FGR FLEX pipe connectors are part of the NORMACONNECT® range, and are available throughout Africa through Truco.

The NORMACONNECT® FGR FLEX range is ideal for axial non-resistant connections. These pipe couplings are a compact, economical and reliable solution for connecting plain-ended pipes.

They are ideal for joining plastic and metal pipes, particularly for stainless steel pipes. They can be used in mechanical engineering and construction, shipbuilding, civil engineering and in hydro technology

NORMACONNECT® FGR FLEX pipe connectors:

Orange Arrow Right Compact couplings for plain-ended pipes
Orange Arrow Right Limited pressure surges, vibration and noise
Orange Arrow Right Ideal for a wide range of applications
Orange Arrow Right Suited to join various materials
Orange Arrow Right Available ex-stock for short turnaround times
Orange Arrow Right Truco upholds the NORMA® Group lifetime warranty

This range of NORMACLAMP® Worm Drive Clamps allows Truco to offer innovative pipe joining systems for a wide range of markets, including: mining, marine, agricultural, industrial, HVAC, aviation and automotive segments.


Truco is an authorised distributor of NORMACLAMP® hose clamps and pipe connectors in Africa. We carry stock of these solutions to lower your operational downtime!

NORMACONNECT® FGR Flex product range:

NORMACONNECT V profile clamps


The NORMACONNECT® V profile clamps are reliable connection elements for industrial and automotive use. The range is supplied with various profiles, band widths and closure types.

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Profile clamp features a cover band for optimum distribution of clamping forces

Orange Arrow Right

Low friction losses

Orange Arrow Right

Robust, precision components

Orange Arrow Right

High-material quality

Normaconnect FGR / Flex E


NORMACONNECT® FLEX /FLEX E pipe couplings are used for connecting restrained pipes, metal pipes, stainless pipes, as well as concrete and plastic pipes. These connectors ensure high sealing reliability when there are gaps between pipe ends.

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Compensation of pipe gaps allows thermal elongation of the pipes

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Join all kind of pipe materials: steel, plastic, cast iron, etc.

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Sizes: 26.9 - 1 219 mm

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Working pressure 4 to 70 bar



NORMACLAMP® Quick Lock 9 and 12 mm hose clamps are manufactured from a continuously threaded band with flat edges and a smooth inside to prevent damages to the pipe. Ideal for the following applications: water, air conditioning, construction and sanitation.

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Easy and quick application

Orange Arrow Right

Safe and secure hose joining

Orange Arrow Right

Flexible performance

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Clamping range from 25 - 40 up to 60 - 1 300 mm

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Band: stainless steel AISI 430 Ti

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Screw and housing: galvanised steel

Optimise your pipe joining systems with NORMACONNECT®.
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