Truco multi-purpose hose is ideal for air and water applications where oil, oil mist, petrol or diesel may be present.

Adaptable to a wide range of applications in various industries, the multi-purpose hose is suitable for high pressure up to 20 bar. This durable hose is used for mining, construction, agriculture, landscaping and more.

The multipurpose hose is available with a wide range of couplings.

Multi-purpose hose specifications

This multi-purpose hose is recommended for air and water transfer applications where oil may be present.

Orange Arrow Right Liner: Black PVC
Orange Arrow Right Reinforcing: Woven polyester yarn
Orange Arrow Right Cover: Black PVC / NBR
Orange Arrow Right Recommended temperature range: -20° to 60° C
Orange Arrow Right Standard length: 30 metre rolls
Orange Arrow Right Available with a range of couplings

Truco will customise your hose order for application


Ensure an efficient choice of your Truco hose, with this table and the industrial hoses guide.

Size Actual Approximate
     Inch mm        
H7002  006X 6 mm ½ 6 12 mm 3 6 000 kPa 0.114 kg/m
H7002 008X 8 mm 5/16 8 14 mm 3 6 000 kPa 0.140 kg/m
H7002 010X 10 mm 3/8 10 16 mm 3 6 000 kPa 0.165 kg/m
H7002 012X 12 mm ½ 12 19 mm 3.5 6 000 kPa 0.230 kg/m
H7002 016X 16 mm 5/8 16 25 mm 4.5 6 000 kPa 0.380 kg/m
H7002 020X 19 mm ¾ 19 28 mm 4.5 6 000 kPa 0.448 kg/m
H7002 025X 25 mm 1 25 34.5 mm 4.75 6 000 kPa 0.600 kg/m

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