Truco's range of hoses is classified by many differentiating factors, ranging from nominal bore sizes to working pressures.

Use this guide to help you better understand the specifications of your hose!

Part numbers
This part numbers are Truco's unique code that is used when categorising its extensive range of hoses.
They are used for stock-taking and ordering purposes, for example: H7006 010X
H7006 - is the ordering code X - indicates that the hose is wrapped
010 - is the nominal bore size XS - indicates that the hose is smooth
Hose dimensions
In order to match your hose to your application requirements, Truco lists its entire range of hoses' outer and inner diameter sizes. ID, OD and NB are measured in millimetres (mm).
Approximate Outer Diameter "OD"
Measures the diameter of the entire hose, including its protective layer and wall.
Inner Diameter "ID" (Also known as Nominal Bore "NB")

Measures the diameter inside the hose between the wall of the hose.

Outer Diameter vs. Inner DiameterOuter Diameter vs. Inner Diameter:

6 mm is the inner diameter (or the nominal bore)
8.8 mm is the outer diameter

Hose pressures
Working pressure: Burst pressure:
Working pressure is the maximum allowable operating pressure in the hose. It refers to the wall strength of the hose and how much pressure the walls may safely hold in normal operation.

Truco measures the working pressure of your hose in kPa, bar or psi.
Burst pressure is the maximum pressure which the hose can endure before it will break. It refers to the wall strength of the hose and how much pressure it can withstand before it fails.

Truco measures the burst pressure of your hose in kPa, bar or psi.

Truco hose products are all engineered and manufactured with high quality and high standard rubber polymers and compounds.

Selecting the correct hose for your application

The basic information required can be obtained by using the acronym "STAMPED"

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Size: The length and inside diameter?

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Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported?

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Application: What is the purpose of the hose?

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Material: What product will be conveyed through the hose?

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Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin?

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Ends: Are couplings required, and if so a detailed specification?

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Delivery: When is it needed?

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