Hose pipes from Truco enhance the productivity of air, material and fluid transfers in southern Africa's industrial and agricultural operations through long-lasting, reliable hose performance.

Our industrial hose pipe range utilises high-performance rubber polymers and synthetic compound technologies to provide application- specific solutions to heavy-duty, arduous industrial conveyance applications.

Truco supplies Africa's industries with durable technology and leading hose expertise. Our industrial hose pipe range includes rubber hose pipes, layflat hose pipes, air hose pipes, water hose pipes and composite hose pipes.

Truco ensures immediate availability of small bore hoses, and, as South Africa's largest manufacturer of large bore mining hoses, ensures best-in-class turnaround on custom large bore orders.

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Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering With this guide. Click here.



Mining hoses - For various types of mining materials, including slurry, waste and environmental discharges, dredging and many others.
Industrial hoses - Conveying air, water and petroleum, weak acids and alkalis as well oil. Supplied in various sizes for different pressure ratings.
Composite hoses - Resistant to most aggressive chemicals. Engineered for petrochemical, bulk transport & bulk storage applications.
Layflat hoses - Suitable for water pumping applications in numerous industries, including agriculture, construction, mining and wastewater


Mining hoses

Mining hose pipes

Truco's mining hose pipe range delivers hard-wearing solutions for conveying a variety of mining matter, such as pulp and slurry, waste and environmental discharge. A variety of rubber, PVC and composite hose pipes have been designed specifically for mining applications, including irrigation, general watering, dewatering, pump discharge, industrial wash-downs, general discharge, welding and construction.

Over 60 large-scale mining projects depend on Truco's industrial hose pipes!

Hose clamp

Hose fittings and hose clamps

Truco's range of fittings and clamps includes re-useable split flanges, claw couplings and two-piece hose clamps. These implements are ideal for custom-order hose solutions.

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