Hose fittings from Truco are designed for use with their entire range of rubber hoses, PVC hoses and composite hoses. They have proven themselves in a wide range of industrial and mining applications and are manufactured to cater for all bore sizes across our comprehensive range of industrial and mining hoses. This ensures that we have hose fittings for your requirements.

Manufactured from high-grade steel, carbon steel and stainless steel, our range of hose fittings include bolted hose clamps designed for large size bore hoses and two-piece hose clamps tailored for smaller bore size hoses. Barbed hose fittings, crimped hose fittings, hose adapters and Truco's entire range of hose clamps and couplings, including Victaulic fittings, all form part of Truco's hose fittings offering.


Orange Arrow Right Easy installation with simplistic, effective designs
Orange Arrow Right Rapid, secure coupling and decoupling reduces downtime
Orange Arrow Right Manufactured from high-grade steels for enhanced durability
Orange Arrow Right Reusable hose fittings contribute to increased cost savings
Orange Arrow Right Production versatility caters to customised and standard sized fittings
Orange Arrow Right Hose fittings from Truco are ISO 16949: 2002 certified

Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering with this guide.


Bolted hose clamp

Bolted Hose Clamps

Bolted clamps are the perfect solution for the marine, mining and chemical industries. They are manufactured from high-grade steel, carbon steel and stainless steel with no welding requirements. Their simplistic design facilitates easier installation than other types of hose fittings, contributing to reduced downtime.

Two piece hose clamps

Two-piece Hose Clamps

Our two-piece hose clamps are designed with flexibility to allow ease of operation, and are tailored for narrow assembly conditions on all of our small-bore rubber and PVC hoses.

Barbed fitiings

Barbed Fittings

Barbed hose fittings from Truco deliver improved gripping and sealing ability of various grade tubing. Used to grip the inside diameter of a tube to seal a connection, they provide protection against connections separating due to vibration, tension and pressure spikes, among others.

Crimped fittings

Crimped Fittings

Crimped fittings from Truco create neat, safe, durable leak-proof seals. They are permanently attached to the hose or tube using a powered crimper, which uses high pressure to deform the fitting and compress sealant against the inner tubing.

Hose Adaptors

Hose Adapters

Truco's stocks and supplies a range of adapters, including fittings and flanges, all contributing to increased join longevity. Our flanges, for example, are made from high-grade, durable carbon steel, the ideal make-up to effectively deal with high-abrasive and high-wear applications.

Couplings and Clamps

Truco couplings and clamps

Truco manufactures ranges couplings and clamps for effective hose and pipe joining. The range includes:

Claw Couplings | Storz Couplings | Perrot Couplings | Dixon / Minsup Fittings | Victaulic Fittings Camlock Couplings | Bolted Hose Clamps | Straub | Swage Nipples | Hose Menders

Truco supplies over 16 000 hose fittings, couplings, valves & accessories to join any pipeline from 15 to 3 600 mm! Complete the enquiry form to find out more about hose fittings that benefit your business.

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