Gutter Hose Sleeve

Divert rainwater from your gutters to your swimming pool, a water storage tank or your garden with our gutter hose sleeves.

This nylon-reinforced PVC gutter sleeve handles working pressure up to 4 bar and a maximum burst pressure of up to 15 bar. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from 25 to 150 mm diameters, and can be supplied in the exact length you require.

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Robust, high-quality PVC cover provides long hose life

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Easy to fit on existing gutters and downpipes

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Roll up hose for compact, easy storage

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UV-treated cover

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Fast delivery of your exact hose requirements

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Can be used as a general purpose hose, for backwash water or on a pump to drain your pool

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Ideal for light and heavy duty applications

Use the hose that's engineered for reliable water delivery over an extended lifespan!

Truco layflat water hoses are used across domestic, agriculture, industry, mining and wastewater applications in South Africa.

View detailed spec on our gutter hose sleeves

Part Nominal Size Actual Approximate Wall Working Burst Approximate
Number Bore Inch mm OD thickness Pressure Pressure Mass
HLFBLUE 02530X 25 1 25 27.6 1.3 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.150 kg/m
HLFBLUE 03230X 32 32 34.4 1.2 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.170 kg/m
HLFBLUE 04030X 40 38 40.4 1.2 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.200 kg/m
HLFBLUE 05030X 50 2 51 53 1.0 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.220 kg/m
HLFBLUE 06530X 65 64 66.2 1.1 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.320 kg/m
HLFBLUE 08030X 80 3 76 78.2 1.1 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.360 kg/m
HLFBLUE 10030X 100 4 103 105.5 1.25 400 kpa 1500 kpa 0.550 kg/m
HLFBLUE 15030X 150 6 153 155.7 1.35 300 kpa 900 kpa 0.900 kg/m

Need heavier-duty layflat hose?

Red PVC Layflat Hoses - this medium-duty layflat hose is available in sizes from 40 to 200 mm in diameter. It has a max. burst pressure of 18 bar and is ideal for irrigation and dewatering in applications where higher water pressure and increased durability is required.

Yellow PVC Layflat Hoses - available in sizes 40 to 200 mm diameter with burst pressure up to 24 bar for irrigation and dewatering applications.

Black PVC Layflat Hose - this heavy-duty hose is designed to operate at high pressures for extended periods of time. Tailored for use in applications where a more rugged layflat hose is required, the outer cover is ribbed to minimise scuffing. Available in diameters 40 to 150 mm, with max. burst pressures of 60 bar.

Yellow Rubber Compressor Air Hoses - reliably convey compressed air under rugged conditions and at elevated temperatures. Available in 20, 25 and 50 mm diameters with max burst pressure of 80 bar.

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