Gates industrial steam hoses are engineered to withstand high pressures and high temperatures in the toughest oil and gas applications. Dry or wet, saturated or superheated - Gates steam hose handles steam efficiently and safely, whatever state it's in.

The Gates steam hose range includes:

Gates Plant Master® Steam 250 Hoses are designed for oilfield drilling and completion operations, refineries, in-plant processing, and steam cleaning in a range of applications.

Plant Master® Plus 250 Hoses are used in a wide array of applications requiring maximum flexibility and good resistance to air, water and heat. The ARPM Class B tube withstands SAE oils with intermittent contact including in-line oil misters used in compressed air systems.

Truco distributes Gates steam hose for oil & gas markets in sub-Saharan Africa.


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Plant Master� 250

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Plant Master� Plus 250


Plant Master Steam 250

Plant Master® 250

Ideal for all types of steam (saturated and super-heated), this hose is engineered for high pressure up to 250 psi, and temperatures up to 232° C.

This hose comes in either a smooth cover or a wrapped cover.

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Plant Master Steam Plus 250

Plant Master® Plus 250

This is a versatile steam hose with a medium oil resistance. Accommodates pressure up to 300 psi.

This hose has a special compound cover for use in refineries and processing plants.

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