Truco stocks a range of high transmission performance products including friction wheels, rings and guide pulleys that achieve high performance and provides economical drive solutions for use in rubber rolling contact drives, drum drives and hoisting systems.

Constructed from wear-resistant rubber cover compounds, our range of friction wheels, rings and guide pulleys can withstand high dynamic loads ensuring a long service life.


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Friction wheels

Friction Wheels

Truco's range of friction wheels provides the necessary friction to control operational speeds to suit your specific application requirements. These wheels maintain optimum performance in mechanical engineering, conveyor belting and power transmission applications.

The best-known examples of friction-locking power transmission are the vehicle tyre to road and wheel to rail systems. The transmissible frictional force is a function of the wheel load and the coefficient of friction between the wheel and the rail.

Rubber compound:

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Constructed from long-lasting polychloroprene rubber

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Durable runner 80 Shore A Hardness classified

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Permissible friction lining temperature -30°C to +70°C

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Wear-resistant and oil-resistant

Metal hub:

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The hub has two centre holes for subsequent machining

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The metal hub is wider than the friction lining on one side to permit proper mounting of the rolling-contact gear

Friction rings and guide pulleys

Friction Rings and Guide Pulleys:

Truco's range of friction rings is constructed from durable elastomer (elastic polymer) materials that offer optimal properties for high-performance rolling-contact drives with high transmission capacities.

Truco's range of guide pulleys are made of solid rubber with damping elements making them are ideal for guiding hoisting cages and buckets, particularly in mining applications. The result is a high-performance guide pulley with a simple construction that achieves low-noise levels and is also maintenance-free.

Friction Ring and Guide Pulley Construction:

Contact Face:
Both the friction ring and guide pulley are constructed from a natural, abrasion-resistant rubber compound ranging from 67 - 83 Shore A Hardness classification. Friction rings are well-suited for applications ranging from -30°C to 90°C. Guide pulleys are suitable for production with high speeds of up to 72 km per hour.

Base Layer:
The base layer consists of a special hard elastomer material that is firmly bonded to the contact face by means of vulcanisation. The base layer is manufactured for both cylindrical and tapered hub

Strength member:

Guide Pulley:
The strength member keeps the guide pulley under constant tension and ensures a firm fit on the hub.

Friction Ring:
The strength member consists of steel reinforcing wires that keep the friction ring under constant tension and ensure a firm fit on the hub.

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