Truco supplies slip-on flanges for its entire range of industrial rubber hoses. Designed for all pipe work, Truco's flanges are manufactured from high-grade, durable carbon steel - making them ideal for highly abrasive, high-wear applications!

Truco sources its flanges from an accredited international supplier, which produces pipe flanges to global standards.

Our flanges are designed for pipework from 40 mm - 1 000 mm nominal bore. Custom size flanges available!

Features of Truco's flanges:

Orange Arrow Right Flanges bolted into industrial rubber hose
Orange Arrow Right Easy flange installation
Orange Arrow Right Provides connectivity to all pipework types
Orange Arrow Right Flanges available ex-stock
Orange Arrow Right 1 - 2 days delivery

Truco stocks a wide range of popular flange sizes and drillings. Immediate flange availability throughout South Africa and Africa.


Simple, fast pipe connecting with Truco flanges!

Connect flanges to any new or existing pipe system. Where connecting pipes have flanges, a simple bolting process that enables fast and durable installation is used.

Most popular flange sizes:

Size - Nominal Bore ± ID Actual bore
80 mm 79 mm
100 mm 117 mm
150 mm 168 mm
200 mm 223 mm
250 mm 277 mm
300 mm 328 mm
350 mm 360 mm

Hose-to-hose | Hose-to-steel pipe | Hose-to-HDPE pipe

Truco utilises over 125 years of experience in the manufacturing its high quality flanges and rubber products. This has allowed us to refine and perfect our range of Conveyor Belts, Industrial Rubber Hoses, Rubber Sheeting, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Flooring and Marine Fenders to suit all industry requirements.

Enquire today or phone +27 11 839 2370 for more information and pricing on Truco's flanges.

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