Truco Conveyor Belts In West Africa

Truco has been supplying its leading conveyor belts to across West Africa for over 100 years. We have adapted our world-class conveyor belts to withstand West Africa's toughest above and belowground conveying conditions.

We provide fully customisable, high-quality, hard-wearing, cost-effective conveyor belts designed to suit any industrial or mining application.

Truco manufactures a comprehensive range of conveying accessories and equipment designed and tested to withstand punishing industrial applications.

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  • Extreme resistance to impact and abrasion wear
  • Withstand pressures of Africa's harshest climates
  • Durable synthetic carcasses standard with polyester warp and nylon weft
  • 12-month warranty on all conveyor belts

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Textile Reinforced Conveyor Belts
Fabric reinforced conveyor belts from Truco are ideal for mining, mineral processing, quarrying, earth moving, agriculture and various other conveyance demands, cut to the specifications demanded by the application.

Steel Cord Reinforced Conveyor Belts
Used in mining for transporting large, heavy volumes over long distances. Top and bottom covers are manufactured to specified thicknesses and grades that are best-suited to each application.

Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belts
Truco manufactures top-quality Chevron belting for the transport of aggregate, fertilizer, grains, sand, bark and wood chips. Belt widths can be cut between 600 mm and 1 000 mm.

Steep Incline Rubber Conveyor Belts
Terraced belting with fabricated sidewalls and cleats for maximum conveyance efficiency over inclines; no transfer points, no spillage and maximum utilisation of space.


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