Truco supplies large diamond pulley lagging for optimal grip of your conveyor belt. The pulley lagging is bonded directly onto the pulley surface in order to prevent premature wear and increase the grip of tension pulleys which reduces spillage.

Unlike other linings such as ceramic, by using rubber pulley lagging from Truco you will achieve the highest coefficient of friction factor with minimal belt cover damage.

Truco's unique pulley lagging also serves as a self-cleaning system for the conveyor belting which extends the life expectancy of the shell. This specialised system prevents material caking therefore maintaining optimal alignment and performance.

We cater for all pulley face lengths. The roll widths are 1 000 mm, 1 200 mm 1 500 mm and 1 800mm.

Features and Benefits:

Orange Arrow Right Extend the life of conveyor belts
Orange Arrow Right Increase tension grip
Orange Arrow Right Prevent spillage and material caking
Orange Arrow Right Available ex-stock for a quick turnaround
Orange Arrow Right Rolls of 10 metres � for any pulley size

Truco has been providing conveyor belt solutions to the mining sector and related industries for over 100 years Phone +27 10 880 2180 now to speak to a conveyor belt expert today!

Our conveyor belt accessories include:

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Conveyor Belt Skirting

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Pulley Lagging

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Conveyor Belt Idlers

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Frames and Stringers


Pulley lagging

Manufactured to the highest operational standards:

Truco's pulley lagging is recommended for all drive or tension pulleys, and is supplied with buffed ends to increase the bond strength. Available ex-stock, Truco's pulley lagging has a fabric finish on the back layer for increased bond strength. Lagging can be pre-buffed on customer's request.

Truco specialises in the manufacture of its pulley lagging with two unique compounds: 40 Shore A and 60 Shore A. To achieve optimal bond strength the lagged pulley must be out of service for 4 hours to cure to full strength.

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