Conveyor belt idlers from Truco form part of the overall conveyor belt structure - providing motion to a driven conveyor belt. It also assists in applying angles to the belting to achieve different surcharge angles up to 45°.

Truco supplies leading Trough, Return, Anti-Seize, Anti-Run Back, Impact and Rubber Disc Return idlers for its entire range of conveyor belts.

Constructed from high-grade steel, HDPE, Nylon and rubber, Truco's conveyor belt idlers achieve peak performance in the toughest applications!

Features and Benefits:

Orange Arrow Right Manufactured to world-wide standards
Orange Arrow Right SANS 1313 Conveyor Idlers certification
Orange Arrow Right ISO 9001 for manufacturing quality
Orange Arrow Right Each idler is sold with a workmanship warranty valid for 60 000 hours in operation
Orange Arrow Right Delivery in 10 to 14 days from date of order
Orange Arrow Right Fitted with anti-seize bearings for extended service life

Known in the African market for reliable, long-lasting conveyor belting solutions for over 100 years, Truco has perfected its range of conveyor belt accessories to maximise your uptime and reduce your maintenance. Contact us today on +27 10 880 2180.

Our conveyor belt accessories include:

Orange Arrow Right

Conveyor Belt Skirting

Orange Arrow Right

Pulley Lagging

Orange Arrow Right

Conveyor Belt Idlers

Orange Arrow Right

Frames and Stringers


conveyor belt idlers

Truco manufactures idlers for all conveyor belts!

Each idler from Truco consists of machined parts and is assembled with a bearing on each side of the shaft. Each type / setting has different requirements.

Our range includes:

Orange Arrow Right Shafts: 15 mm 25 mm 30 mm and 35mm
Orange Arrow Right Face: 240 mm to 2 100 mm
Orange Arrow Right Diameter: 101 mm, 127 mm and 152 mm
Orange Arrow Right Angles: 5°, 15°, 20°, 35° and 45°

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