TruClear PVC Tubing Hose


Truco is Africa's leading supplier of PVC hoses for long-lasting performance in mining, industrial and agricultural applications.

Clear PVC hose has all the practical properties of regular PVC pipe: it is tough, handles high pressures, has a long lifespan, and is cost-effective.

TruClear PVC hoses have proven to perform best in low pressure air and water applications, such as fish tanks and pond pumps.

  • Inner diameters from 6mm to 20mm
  • Working pressure up to 200 kpa.
  • Recommended temperature range: -20°C to + 60°C
  • Available in both thin wall and thick wall variations

Our range of PVC hoses is manufactured according to the highest safety and operational standards and is suited for high-pressure and highly-abrasive applications.

Clear PVC Tubing Hose Applications

Clear PVC allows you to watch as fluid flows through a pipeline. Visual monitoring is helpful in many industries - food & beverage, pools & aquariums, labs and the medical industry. Only certain parts of a pipeline need to have clear PVC. Truco will assist you in ensuring your pipelines are efficient and cost-effective.

Truco's clear PVC hose are suited to a wide range of applications across a variety of industries:

  1. Food Processing
    In this industry, close visual monitoring is required through each stage of production to avoid contamination or other errors. Health requirements also demand that food products be closely monitored throughout production.
  2. Pool and Spa
    Clear PVC pipe is especially useful in larger pool backwash systems. After water flows through the filters, clear PVC pipe can be used to show all the gunk and debris being pushed out of the system. This also lets you know when the filter is clean.
  3. Aquariums
    One of the most common clear PVC tubing uses is in professional aquariums. When rare or exotic fish are being kept, the cleanliness of their home is vital. Clear PVC pipe can be used on both sides of a filter; one pipe showing dirty water going in, and another showing clean water coming out.
  4. Labs
    When creating complicated chemical mixtures in a lab, you want to see every step of the process. For this reason, clear PVC hose should be used. While some more aggressive chemicals can break down PVC in liquid form, it excels and transporting gases.
  5. Medical
    The medical uses of clear PVC are almost limitless. From manufacture of pharmaceuticals to patient care, clear PVC hose is perfect for medical uses because it is durable and easy to clean. In an environment where everything must be spotless and sterile, clear PVC is a useful material.



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Truco offers a unique branding service to its PVC hose clients: to brand your PVC hose with your logo or specifications.

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No PVC hose damage

Part Nominal Size Actual Approximate Working Approximate
Number Bore Inch mm OD Pressure Mass
9997 006 6 ¼ 6 8.5 150 kpa 0.037 kg/m
9997 008 8 5⁄16 8 10.5 150 kpa 0.048 kg/m
9997 010 10 10 12.5 150 kpa 0.057 kg/m
9997 012 12 ½ 12.5 15 150 kpa 0.070 kg/m
9997 020 20 ¾ 20 24 100 kpa 0.170 kg/m
9997 025 25 1 25 30 100 kpa 0.220 kg/m
9998 006 6 ¼ 6 12 150 kpa 0.090 kg/m
9998 008 8 5⁄16 8 14 150 kpa 0.110 kg/m
9998 010 10 10 16 150 kpa 0.150 kg/m
9998 012 12 ½ 12.5 19 150 kpa 0.230 kg/m
9998 020 20 ¾ 20 26 150 kpa 0.420 kg/m
9998 025 25 1 25 33 150 kpa 0.520 kg/m
9998 032 32 32 40 150 kpa 0.6 kg/m

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