Truco's chemical hose range provides manufacturers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals; haulers; loading terminal operators; plant engineers and chemicals distributors safe and reliable transfer solutions of hazardous goods and sensitive fluids.

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Chemical Hoses Range:

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Truco composite hoses



  • Multiple plies of polypropylene film liner
  • Reinforced with stainless steel wire helix and outer galvanised wire helix
  • Ideal as sulphuric acid hose and acid transfer hose
  • Temp.: -10° to 60° C


  • Double layer liner: virgin PTFE film plus multiple plies of polypropylene film
  • Reinforced with stainless steel wire helix and outer galvanised wire helix
  • Acid resistant hose ideal for aggressive chemicals
  • Temp.: -10° to 60° C

Additional hose and fittings products:

Truco are trusted chemical hose suppliers to some of Africa's largest chemical transfer operations. We supply a complete range of hose connectors, hose couplings, chemical hose fittings and hose accessories for our chemical transfer hose, which can be easily fitted to chemical pumps and hose reels as you require.

Experts in chemical hose technology:

Truco has been supplying rubber products to various industries since 1892, and so offers a vast wealth of experience and knowledge when specifying the optimum hose solution for your application. We use an advanced chemical resistance guide to ensure we can maximise your chemical transfer performance while lowering your capital expenditure.

Make the most of Truco's extensive stock holding! Enquire or phone +27 11 762 5291 now for plans and pricing on our chemicals hose. Truco distributes hoses nationally with offices in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

Send us your requirements using the STAMPED acronym:

Size: The length and inside diameter?

Temperature: Temperature of the medium transported?

Application: What is the purpose of the hose?

Material: What product will be conveyed through the hose?

Pressure: The working pressure and the required safety margin?

Ends: Are couplings required, and if so a detailed specification?

Delivery: When is it needed?


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