Truco is one of Africa's largest suppliers of rubber flooring products for a range of industrial applications. Whether you need flooring for stairs, counters, workshop floors, load boxes, factories or gyms, Truco has you covered.

Truco's fishbone rubber flooringTruco has recently expanded its range of durable rubber flooring with the new fishbone pattern. All Truco products are made with tried and tested rubber technology. Our rubber flooring is available in various thicknesses for various applications to suit your requirements.

Truco's Fishbone Rubber Flooring has a raised pattern surface. It is designed to be anti-slip and protects floor surfaces while still being pleasing to the eye. This flooring provides customers with a new design option beyond the standard industrial flooring patterns.

Rubber flooring has created new opportunities for design and function in industrial settings. No matter the size or application, rubber flooring is considered to be highly economical, is weather resistant, anti-slip, environmentally safe, and reduces fatigue. Rubber flooring is washable, durable, hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Industrial areas can be hazardous for workers. The majority of workplace injuries involve slips and falls while walking. Industrial rubber flooring keeps workers safe on their feet due to the natural traction enhancing abilities of rubber.

Comfort should be a top priority for any industrial workplace. Industrial settings are hard and exhausting areas to work in, usually requiring high physical demands from the people working in them. Concrete or asphalt floors place stress on the joints and ankles of people's feet, which develops into fatigue. Industrial rubber mats are far more comfortable surfaces to stand on than concrete floors. These rubber surfaces can reduce workers' fatigue, keeping them alert and productive while working.

Industrial rubber flooring also protects floors from heavy machinery, absorbs vibrations and dampens noise across a wide variety of applications, such as gyms. We offer industrial flooring in a variety of thicknesses in order to fit most applications and budgets. From factory floors to showrooms, gyms to locker rooms, van flooring to kitchens Truco's fishbone rubber flooring is the perfect choice.

Truco's Fishbone Rubber Flooring comes in a 65 shore, 3.5 mm thick and 1 400 mm wide. While it is stocked in black, colour variations are available on request.

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