Truco supplies branded rubber floor tiles to all SA industries

Owing to their extreme versatility and manoeuvrability, Transvaal Rubber Company (Truco) has supplied its branded rubber floor tiles to all of SA's prominent industries. Available in any colour and any size, Truco is able to print your brand's logo directly onto the interlocking tile - giving you an aesthetically pleasing way to brand your showroom, workshop or office space on durable PVC rubber.

Ideal for high-traffic, abrasive areas

Designed with a non-slip texture and a comfortable walking surface, our branded rubber floor tiles are constructed from high quality, durable PVC and are perfect for public, high-traffic areas.

Available in any colour, our tiles can be laid in stylish patterns for schools, offices and workshops.

Simple, manoeuvrable interlocking tiles

The rubber floor tiles are joined in a unique interlocking process, similar to that of connecting puzzle pieces, which require no adhesives or cements.

This system also allows you to rearrange or move your rubber sheeting with minimum effort. In addition, this lack of adhesives and exceptional manoeuvrability makes our branded rubber floor tiles the most cost-effective flooring option as you can reuse the tiles in many different spaces!


Our branded rubber floor tiles are used in SA's most prominent showrooms!


Durable, branded rubber floor tiles

Our rubber floor tiles are resistant to alkalis and oils, and are self-extinguishing in the event of a fire - making them ideal for use in factories, workshops, houses and garages. The tiles are dimensionally stable with good thermal and acoustic properties. As a final detail, tapered edges are available to accommodate easy access for vehicles, wheel chairs and trolleys.

Our tiles also adhere to the latest SABS and ISO standards and are SABS 768, SABS 0177 and ISO 554 compliant!

Truco utilises over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of its high quality-rubber products that are designed to increase overall productivity in all African mining and industrial applications. This has allowed us to refine and perfect our range of Conveyor Belts, Industrial Rubber Hoses, Rubber Sheeting, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Flooring and Marine Fenders to suit all industry requirements.

See how our rubber floor tiles work for any industry:

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