Truco Launches Lightweight Thermoplastic Composite Hose

Composite HoseAimed at the petroleum industry, rubber specialist Truco now offers a lightweight composite hose for off-loading road tankers, manufactured in standard 100 mm dia and 4500 mm lengths. In addition, Truco is able to offer the same lightweight hose to meet any required specification in sizes from 40 mm to 100 mm dia, up to 12 m in length. For a safer operation, the fittings on both ends of the hose are secured by means of crimping. The hose comprises of an inner high tensile aluminium wire helix and an outer galvanised wire helix, with multiple plies of polypropylene film, woven polypropylene reinforcing material and a PVC cover sandwiched between the two. With a bend radius of approximately 300 mm and a mass per meter of less than 4 kg, the hose has proven its durability and reliability amongst its heavy weight rubber competitors. The hose also carries a 4:1 safety factor on its 350 kpa design operating pressure, which not only meets, but exceeds the BS 5842 specification for thermoplastic off-loading hose.

For better quality control, the hose is manufactured on a rigid mandrel in 4500 mm lengths and the end crimp fittings are sealed with a nitrile seal.

In addition to a sulphuric acid off-loading hose, Truco manufactures a wide range of thermoplastic composite hose for the chemical industry, including ship to shore bunkering hose with PTFE liners and hoses for conveying solvents such as xylene, toluene and benzene. These composite hoses do not necessarily have to convey aggressive substances, they can be used for potable water or alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages.

An on-site assessment can be made by a Truco representative as to whether it would be feasible to change current rubber or PVC hose to thermoplastic composite hose, or a general inspection of working hoses to check their condition.

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