Truco heads for the high seas with new fish pump hoses

fish pump hosesBeing an established and big player in the local industrial rubber hose market, Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) is increasingly expanding into niche markets previously dominated by overseas companies.

The latest new product range from Truco - fish pump hoses - sees the company entering into the fishing industry for the first time. The fish pump hoses are designed to transfer fish, such as sardines and pilchards, from trawler nets to the boat. "Although this is a new focus for us, it is a long existing market serviced by mainly overseas suppliers. We believe that our reputation as a reputable company delivering quality products will enable us to effectively service this market," says Mike Stuart, Director, Truco Hose Division.

The specially manufactured soft-wall hose can operate in temperatures from -20° to 85° C and can easily be coiled flat for storage in a confined space. The hose has an abrasion-resistant inner liner with a neoprene outer cover to resist ultraviolet rays. Internal diameter (ID) can be made anywhere from 150 mm up to 400 mm, depending on the customer requirements, while the hose range comes fish pump hoseswith pressure rating of 200 kPa up to 350 kPa. Depending on the size of the hose, weight ranges from 5,3 kg/m up to 15,1 kg/m.

The hose can be custom made and ordered in lengths of up to 20 m. The light weight and abrasive-resistant inner liner are unique features of the hose and customers will also benefit from short lead times, as the product source is local and not from overseas.

Truco has already received orders from fishing companies operating out of Cape Town and Walvis Bay.

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