Rubber sheeting being appliedMining and industrial rubber specialist, Transvaal Rubber Company (Truco), has added three new cured rubber lining products to its current range.

Trucored, Trucowear and Trucoline were developed to add a further important extension to the company's premium and baseline rubber lining range.

Trucowear as a 50 shore cured black rubber lining material with excellent abrasion, tear and wear resistance. This product will be most effective in pulp and slurry applications in plants where larger particles (+8 to -25) and with SG's less than 2 are found.

Trucoline is a 38 shore red, cured rubber lining, intended for fine (-8) abrasive pulp and slurry applications where the SG's are greater than 2. This Trucoline rubber has a very low specific gravity and contains a high percentage of natural rubber.

Trucored is a good all round natural gum stock cured rubber lining material, available at a competitive price for those applications which do not suffer from extreme abrasion or tear problems.

Truco's cured lining range is available in 3mm to 16mm thicknesses. The range has a unique advantage in that it can be buffed or supplied with a bonded layer.

"We were delighted with the test results these new products have shown during trials, especially in the field of adhesive characteristics," enthuses General Manager, Dave Sinclair. "Our proven track record and expertise in the market with established brands like Truconip, Trucotuff and Trucotex, coupled with a dynamic sales approach, should ensure a favourable market response for these new innovations. Our hose division also has these new lining materials available as liners for our pulp and slurry hoses."

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