Truco Awarded R2,1-M Order

Truco is supplying pulp and slurry hoses to various platinum mining Transvaal Rubber Company (Truco) has been awarded an order valued at over R2-million to supply hoses and reusable split flange couplings to a platinum mine, in the Western Bushveld Complex in the Northwest Province.

The order will be supplied as part of a plant extension project and was awarded through Truco's distributor in the area.

The bulk of the order is for hoses which will be supplied in 100mm inside diameter, 6m lengths. A total of 564 lengths will be supplied with 1128 reusable Truco aluminium split flange couplings. Truco is the only company in South Africa to produce these couplings locally.

According to Mike Stuart, Hose Director, the reusable Truco split flange coupling is a unique item that is especially helpful and cost-effective in applications where the required length of the pipes is not known. "The couplings allow operators to cut the hose to length, on-site, and install it quickly and easily. The use of these couplings also assists in reducing plant downtime. If a hose fails, a new one can simply be cut to length and installed. From a cost saving point of view, if the hose needs to be replaced, the couplings can be taken off and reused on the new section of hose. This also leads to reduced spares holding for customers because the need to stock various hose lengths is negated," says Stuart.

The versatile reusable Truco aluminium split flange couplings have been designed to handle pressure up to 1000kpa and are ideal for hardwall pulp and slurry hoses. They can connect hose to hose, hose to steel pipe, or rubber hose to HDPE pipe, and are corrosion resistant.

Truco has also won an order to supply all pulp and slurry hoses to a platinum project in, located on the eastern limb of the Bushveld Complex in the Limpopo Province. The project commenced earlier this year as an open cut operation, however, it is anticipated that by June 2009 the shallow underground mine will begin production.

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