Truco adds gaskets to product range

Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company) has announced the addition of gaskets to its product range for the industrial and mining markets.

According to Pierre Morgenrood, head of Truco's Crown Mines' Division, the addition of the gaskets to company's product range was in response to customer demand. "Over the last year we received numerous enquiries from customers for gasketing. Secondly, to cut administration costs, there has also been increased interest from the market in obtaining more products from one supplier. This increased product offering now ensures that Truco can meet these demands and offer a complete product basket."

Truco is utilising the experience gained during its 115 years of interacting with its customer base, to manufacture gaskets in a range of non ferrous materials, including rubber, compressed non-asbestos fibre, vegetable fibre and foam. The company is also offering technical advice and assistance to customers in selecting the correct material to suit the requirements of specific applications. In addition, Truco will be supplying the raw material to these local gasket manufacturers.

Truco's range of gaskets is supplied in various types and configurations, with the rubber variants available in natural and synthetic rubber, such as standard general purpose, insertion, Nitrile, neoprene, silicone, viton and hypalon.

"The compressed non-asbestos fibre gaskets are the ideal replacement for compressed asbestos fibre (CAF) gaskets, and are especially suited to harsh environments due to the pressure requirements, and resistance to oil or acid", says Morgenrood. The fibre gaskets are ideal for all washer applications, insulation and sealing, while the foam variants are available in plain and self-adhesive options.

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