Truco Aces SABS Audit

SABS Truco's manufacturing facility in China was recently audited by the SABS in order to reaffirm its official SANS accreditations and certifications for its range of conveyor belts.

The comprehensive audit was conducted over a two day period, and assessed all aspects of Truco's manufacturing process ranging from the raw materials supplier evaluation up to final inspection and laboratory testing.

Truco has held the SABS accreditation for SANS 1173, SANS 1366 and SANS 971 for three years running and this accreditation will retain the SANS stamp of approval for the next three years.

The auditors were impressed with what they found at the factory, and it received a very positive audit with zero non-conformances reported. This means that Truco's textile reinforced, steel cord and fabric reinforced conveyor belts will carry the following certifications until 2017!

SANS 1173: textile reinforced conveyor belting
This covers the general requirements for textile reinforced conveyor belting. The belting is classified according to the minimum full thickness breaking strength of the finished belting in kilonewtons per metre (kN/m).
Click here to view Truco's textile reinforced conveyor belts.

SANS 1366: steel cord reinforced conveyor belting
This standard tests and classifies the impact strength of quality, rip resistance, as well as tensile strength of all steel cord conveyor belts.
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SANS 971: testing fire retardant properties of all conveyor belt constructions
This specifies methods of testing fire retardant conveyor belting, including belting that will be used in fiery mines. Truco recently invested in a new Midscale Gallery test machine to meet the requirements of the new SANS 971 standard.
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Six quality tests are conducted at Truco's factory every year !
SABS are conducting audits twice a year on the factory in order to ensure compliance, continuity and quality. This testing is done in addition to the Truco internal audit that is conducted every quarter at the factory.

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