SA Navy Awards Fender Contract To Gauteng Rubber & Seal

Pneumatic fendersGauteng Rubber & Seal (Pty) Ltd has been awarded its first major marine rubber contract - valued at close to R1m - by the South African (SA) Navy. The black empowered industrial rubber supplier will deliver eight Fentek, pneumatic fenders (4 m x 2.5 m) to the Simonstown naval base by March 2004.

Pneumatic fenders are very easy to install and can thus be quickly redeployed to wherever they are needed. The fenders are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications where they can be attached to the quay structure, or a suitable supporting frame. They are also useful as supplementary protection and for special vessels when the permanent, fixed fenders may be unsuitable. Ship to ship transfer operations also frequently adopt these fenders.

Available in a range of diameters and pressures, the large diameter maintains safe clearances between hulls and structures. A low reaction and large contact area make the fenders ideal for 'soft' vessels, such as bulk carriers and tankers.

The body of the fender gets its strength from the cord reinforced rubber fabric layers. The outer surface has an extra thick layer to protect against abrasion, while the inner layer is comprised of an air impermeable compound. End flanges incorporate the inflation points and large fenders (>2500 mm) also come with a pressure relief valve.

Sling-type pneumatic fenders are best suited to light and medium duty applications. Optional chain tyre net units are ideal for heavy duty and exposed locations, as the net prevents wear directly to the fender body. Pneumatic fenders are generally moored from brackets on the jetty using chains and swivels. For very high tide locations, special mooring guide systems can be provided, which prevent the fenders from drifting off position.

Gauteng Rubber & Seal sources cost effective mining and industrial rubber and security seal solutions, with the help and guidance provided by Truco. The products that the company supplies to the mining industry include conveyor belting, various types of cured rubber sheeting, mouldings, extrusions, pulp and slurry hoses, mining hoses, rubber lining material and adhesives.

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