Rubber specialist launches flooring solution

FlooringSouth Africa's leading rubber specialist, Truco, has launched three new products related to flooring.

The first is a 3 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm-thick antistatic rubber matting that would ideally suit a flooring application where electrical panels and computer repair benches are involved. Less expensive than alternative solutions, the antistatic matting - with a conductivity resistance of less than 3 x 108 Ω - should serve to prevent damage to electrical and computer components by dispersing static electricity.

Truco's second new release comes in the form of fine or flat ribbed rubber to replace worn flooring in vehicles and taxi's. Available in 1 200 mm thickness for the fine rib and 1 500 mm for the flat rib version, the flooring is of top quality and offers high durability.

The company has also released 4.5 mm-thick rubber sheeting with reinforced insertion cloth to serve as flooring and load box lining material for buses, taxis and bakkies available in 1 200, 1 500, 1 550, 1 600 and 1 800 mm widths.

Another new flooring product from Truco is rubber stud flooring, available in 2.5 mm-thick and 1 500 mm-wide black sheets. Slip resistant and better wearing than PVC, rubber stud flooring is normally used in highly traversed areas like gyms, airports and the like.

Finally, the company has added 8 mm and 10 mm-thick industrial matting to its flooring range for use where heavy loads are involved, for example, in load carrying trucks where the steel load box needs protection. Originally developed as horsebox matting, this product will be supplied in 1 800 mm widths.

Truco is committed to continually finding modern solutions for practical challenges facing the South African market and will release further products in 2006.

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