New pipe seal meets requirements of petrochemical industry

New pipe seal meets requirements of petrochemical industryThe specific demands of the petrochemical industry has resulted in Truco Extrusions designing a rubber pipe seal manufactured from a neoprene compound, which is suited for any application where petrochemicals are present in the fluid being moved through the concrete pipe.

In the past a standard O-ring type seal was supplied, yet the hardness of the compound often caused the concrete pipes to crack during fitment. After thoroughly understanding the requirements of any new seal for use in the petrochemical industry, Truco Extrusions undertook to develop a softer compound, which would, nonetheless, still meet SABS 974 specification.

Working closely with its compound supplier, the company tested a number of different compound batches, using its small 25 mm extruder to test the suitability of the compound to the extrusion process. Once satisfied with initial tests, the selected compound was mixed in-house and put through the extrusion process during an extended trial, before final release to the customer.

Neoprene and nitrile pipe seals are suitable for applications where oil, petroleum or volatile chemicals are present in the fluid moving through the pipes. Oil has the tendency to cause the standard seal to swell and perish. Neoprene also has the added advantage of good aging, as well as being non-flammable, which makes the seal equally suited to mining applications demanding self-extinguishing properties.

"Having the necessary experience on-site has taught us to design with the end in mind. We know the various different problems that can arise when fitting pipe seals not suited to a particular application and are also familiar with common seal sizes, as well as the various methods used to couple pipes," says Bradley Schwartz, General Manager, Truco Extrusions.

"To date, we have supplied a large order of neoprene pipe seals for a contract on the go in KwaZulu-Natal. The customer was so satisfied with the product, that all left-over stock was scrapped and replaced with our softer neoprene seals."

The neoprene seals are available in the full range of sizes, as the compound was made to suit existing tooling. Customers can now benefit from having access to a full range of pipe seals that meets the requirements of the petrochemical industry.

Innovation doesn't stop here, a strong customer-focus has motivated the company to investigate ways to modify the way products are packaged and presented to the customer." Packages that can't be easily handled or moved can cause injuries. Therefore, we are re-looking at this aspect of our operation and plan to modify our presentation to suit the customer," concludes Schwartz. "We are moving our focus from a commodity to a product that serves a need."

Truco Extrusions supply product to rubber traders, container and canopy manufacturers, as well as a large range of general-purpose users.

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