High pressure hose range

Constantly expanding its hoses range to provide a holistic conveyance solution for all Africa's industries, Truco's new high pressure hoses reflect the company's tradition of enhancing productivity through long-lasting, reliable performance in rugged, abrasive conditions.

Truco's range of high pressure hoses include pulp and slurry hoses, crop spray hoses, sand and shotblasting hoses and jackhammer hoses.

Manufactured in accordance with internationally-recognised quality standards using high-quality rubber polymers and compounds, these wear-resistant, durable high pressure hoses are a benchmark in hose quality in South Africa.

Industrial high pressure hoses for all applications

Designed for the mining industry, Truco's pulp and slurry hose has a working pressure tolerance of up to 4 000 kPa and an extreme temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C. The high abrasion-resistant material construction delivers a reliable, long-life conveyance solution for the caustic nature of pulp and slurry contents in Africa's mines.

For the high pressure distribution of pesticides and other light chemicals, Truco has designed the high pressure crop spray hose for efficient and accurate spraying of crops for Africa's commercial agriculture. This high-tensile synthetic hose is built for working pressures up to 18 000 kPa.

Engineered for the cutting, cleaning, peening and polishing/finishing of stone, glass and metal surfaces, Truco's sand and shotblasting hose is designed for use in ordnance factories, metal fabrication workshops and heavy engineering industries to convey sharp and abrasive sand, steel and shot at high pressure.

Transferring air pressure requirements for jackhammers and high pressure compressors and other pneumatic tools, Truco's high pressure jackhammer hose has wide applicability on rugged mining and construction sites. This hose has a temperature tolerance of between -20 °C to 110 °C, delivering working pressure ratings of up to 3 000 kPa.

We also stock a comprehensive range of hose accessories, fittings and clamps to suit your application requirements.

Benefits of Truco's high pressure hoses:

  • High-quality rubber polymers and compounds
  • Immediate stock availability for national distribution
  • No minimum or maximum limit for orders
  • Internationally-certified manufacturing quality

Pulp and Slurry hoses

Crop Spray Hose

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