Fender range acquisition to benefit market

Bow FenderThe acquisition of Metso Minerals' Trellex (Svedala) Fender range by Trelleborg's Fentek division in February this year should strengthen Truco (Transvaal Rubber Company), official South African distributor of both the Fentek and Trellex ranges, in delivering complete fender solutions, according to Truco Marine Manager, Randal Dicke. Reflecting on the important deal, Dicke pointed out that production will now be amalgamated at Trelleborg Fenders' premises, thereby not only speeding up turnaround times, but ensuring continued strict quality control for all fenders produced by the supplier.

To date, Truco has installed several fenders from Fentek on harbour quays as well tug boats throughout southern Africa. Apart from helping engineer various improvements to the fender products it distributes, Truco often needs to customise standard fenders in order to solve individual customer's specific problems. This could range from altering the shape and make-up of a fender to changing the materials and manner in which it is manufactured. The type of problems solved by the innovative rubber specialist include preventing tow ropes from catching on and damaging fenders on tug boats to providing easier access/departure onto and from boats, matching existing fender products to new vessel shapes and designs, and eliminating damage caused by incorrect installation methods. Among the fenders installed by the company to date are cylindrical bow fenders, cylindrical dock fenders, stern protectors, M vertical fenders, D fenders and wing fenders.

With many harbour projects due to start in Africa in 2005/6, Truco is ready to utilise the combined experience that comes from both Fentek, Trellex and its own resources to help optimise these projects.


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