Company launches new abrasion-resistant hoses and matching pontoons

Abrasion resistant rubber dredging hoseAs per interview conducted with Engineering News on 14 February 2014

Rubber manufacturing specialist Transvaal Rubber Company (Truco) developed new high-abrasion-resistant rubber dredging hoses last month to be used in mining operations, reports Truco MD John Tait.

He says in one particular application, the hoses were made 9 m long, with a 600 mm internal diameter, incorporating specialised rings to substantially improve the abrasion-resistant character of the hose.

"The hoses also incorporate Truco's patented double-flange system to allow for improved radii bend and strength at the flanges," states Tait.

To complement the new hoses, Truco also developed a range of pontoons to carry the hoses.

"The new pontoons are a lightweight alternative to the conventional steel pontoons, offering the advantages of being rust free, low maintenance and less expensive than conventional steel pontoons, with extended life expectancy," highlights Tait.

Further, he points out that the new pontoon is designed to accommodate power and communication cables, a drinking-water line and light-emitting diode lights for use of the walkway along the pontoon at night.

"The new range of pontoons complements the existing range of floats developed by Truco and is used in some dredging operations, where walkways and power or communication cables are not required along the dredging line," he concludes.

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