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Specialised Industrial Mining Hose in Mozambique

Truco supplies its entire range of industrial mining hoses to Mozambique. Our hoses are designed with specialised rubber compounds to ensure they provide ruggedness and flexibility in your application.

We’ve tested our mining hose and industrial hose in real-field applications throughout Mozambique to ensure they provide long-lasting performance – even in the harshest coal mining operations!

Find a hose for your application:

Rubber Mining Hoses - Pulp and Slurry Hoses - Dreger Hoses - PVC Mining Hoses

Suited to Mozambique’s mining and industrial industries!

  • General watering
  • Dewatering
  • Welding and construction
  • General discharge
  • Pump discharge
  • Industrial wash-downs
  • Irrigation

Tested in Africa’s toughest industrial applications
to provide world-leading hose performance!

Delivered to Mozambique
Contact us today on +27 11 762 5291 now for plans
and pricing on large or small orders!


Find out more about specialised
industrial mining hose in Mozambique
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Rubber mining hoses

Our range of mining hoses is ideal for all Mozambican mineral processing and extraction applications. We’ve engineered a range of protective linings to ensure your hose withstands the abuses of African mining. These include: wear resistant linings, chemical resistant linings, UV resistant linings and extreme temperature resistant linings.

Gold line rubber mining hoses
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Dredger hoses

Truco dredger hoses come standard with linings according to your dredging application requirements external conditions.

  • Pressure ratings up to 20 bar
  • NB sizes up to 1 000 mm
  • 4:1 safety factor
  • Available with a range of accessories and couplings
Dredger hoses   
  Enquire above or call now on +27 11 762 5291
to find an industrial hose for your application in Mozambique!

Pulp and slurry hoses

Truco pulp and slurry hoses withstand abrasion and provide flexibility to your mining or industrial wet materials transfer requirements.

  • Bore sizes from 25 to 1 000 mm
  • Withstands temperatures from - 40° to 150° C
  • Pressure ratings up to 4 000 kPa


Pulp and slurry hoses   
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PVC mining hoses

Truco PVC mining hoses are suited for highly-abrasive and high-pressure material transfer applications.

  • Operating temperatures: -20° to 130° C
  • NB sizes from 6 to 150 mm
  • Pressure ratings up to 18 000 kPa
Green trumine H/D PVC mining hose   
  Truco supplies and supports its entire range
of industrial mining hose and other industrial products throughout Mozambique.

Contact us today on +27 11 762 5291 to find out more. 
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