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Supplying rubber products since 1892
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Hoses from Truco come in a range of rubber hoses, industrial hoses,
composite hoses, layflat hoses and mining hoses. These locally
manufactured hoses come in both PVC and rubber hose, including
variations of light, medium and heavy-duty hoses, tailored to your
application requirements.

Designed for mining, quarrying, agriculture, construction, bulk
& transport and irrigation industries among others, Truco
PVC and rubber hoses are used with air, water, petrochemical, oil,
and numerous other applications.

  • Designed to be durable, flexible, versatile, wear-resistant
  • Bore, diameter, weight & working pressure to suit application
  • Immediate stock availability, any quantity large or small

Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town branches ensure distribution
in South Africa through a range of distributors. This guarantees
fast delivery
of Truco hoses, be they abrasion-, UV-, ozone-, heat-, oil-,
chemical-resistant, high-
or low-pressure or thick- or thin-walled hose.

Get the hose best suited to your industry & application, which is also flexible and designed for durability and longevity. Click here or call +27 11 839 2370.

Mining hoses – For various types of mining materials, including slurry, waste
and environmental discharges, dredging and many others.
Industrial hoses – Conveying air, water and petroleum, weak acids and alkalis as
well oil. Supplied in various sizes for different pressure ratings.
Composite hoses – Resistant to most aggressive chemicals. Engineered for
petrochemical, bulk transport & bulk storage applications.
Layflat hoses – Suitable for water pumping applications in numerous industries,
including agriculture, construction, mining and wastewater

Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering with this guide. Click here.  

Gest fast delivery of a long-lasting Truco
hose, spec designed to meet your needs.
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Mining hoses

Truco supplies a range of pulp and slurry, dredger, rubber and PVC hoses designed specifically for the mining industry. Mining hoses are suitable for irrigation, general water/dewatering, discharges, wash-downs and conveyance of a various other materials.
  • Max. working pressures: 4 000 kPa
  • Max. hose temperature: 152°C
  • Hose bore sizes: 25mm up to 1 000mm
Mining hoses  
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Industrial hoses

High-pressure hoses are available for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in various industries. From the conveyance of air, water and petroleum, to oils, weak acids and alkalis, industrial hoses from Truco provide exceptional durability. Truco supplies both rubber hoses and PVC hoses for industrial applications.
Industrial hose  
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Composite hoses

Truco has engineered a range of composite hoses specifically for petrochemical applications and bulk transport and bulk storage of aggressive chemicals with an elevated aromatic hydro-carbon content. Made from cutting-edge compounds, Truco’s composite hoses provide durability and wear resistance in a range of conveyance applications.
Composite hoses  
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Layflat hoses

Built for transferring water over long distances, layflat hoses from Truco are ideal for agriculture, construction, mining, wastewater and other hose applications. Available in a range of hose specifications, layflat hoses are even suitable for transporting compressed air.
  • Max. working pressures: 16 bar
  • Hose bore sizes: 40mm up to 200mm
Layflat hose  
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Rubber hoses

With over 100 years’ experience in manufacturing rubber products, Truco’s rubber hoses
offer optimised performance, durability and versatility. Rubber hose technology is used
throughout Truco’s range of hose products and accessories.
  • Max. working pressures: 4 000 kPa
  • Max. hose temperature: from -40°C
  • Hose bore sizes: 6mm up to 1 200mm
Rubber hoses  
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Air and water hoses

Air hoses and water hoses from Truco are suitable for various applications ranging
from pneumatic machine tools and compressed air functions, to conveying
high-temperature air and fumes. Truco guarantees maximum durability, whether
using PVC hoses or rubber hoses for conveying air or water.
Air and water hoses  
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Fire hoses

A wide range of specifications are available for fire hoses. Truco also supplies
the necessary accessories for fire hoses.
Fire hoses  
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Hose accessories

As a supplier of complete hose solutions, Truco has in stock a wide range of
hose accessories. Whether requiring hose floatation systems, bends,
wear detectors or split flange couplings, Truco supplies durable technology
and leading hose expertise.
Hose accessories  
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Hose fittings and hose clamps

Truco’s range includes re-useable split flanges, claw couplings
and two-piece hose clamps. Hose fittings and clamps are ideal for custom-order
hose solutions.
Hose fittings and clamps  
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Other hose products from Truco

Abrasive material hoses
Bunkering hoses
Chemical hoses
Concrete placement hoses
Dredger hoses
Drill rig hoses
Ducting hoses
Fish pump hoses
Food and beverage hoses
Monitor gun hoses
Oil hoses
Oxygen and acetylene hoses
Pulp and slurry hoses
Sand and shotblast hoses
Shaft sinking hoses

Truco hoses are all engineered and manufactured with high quality and high
standard Rubber Polymers and Compounds
. Complete the enquiry form
and one of our sales representative will be in contact with you shortly.
Truco distributes hoses nationally with offices in Johannesburg, Gauteng,
Cape Town and Durban.

Get the ideal hose for your application requirements from Truco – South Africa’s largest hose manufacturer.

Request a quote today to get your hoses delivered in record time!
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