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Hose Accessories

Hose accessories from Truco are widely used with rubber hoses,
PVC hoses and composite hoses throughout the mining and
industrial sectors. Truco’s hose accessories increase hoses’
versatility and usability, making them suitable to more applications.

Hose accessories now in stock

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Floatation Systems for Hoses Hose Bends
Wear Detectors for Hoses  

Flotation systems for hoses

Truco’s yellow detachable hose flotation systems are engineered with the highest
quality materials and are designed to be durable, cost-effective, easy to install.
They can be replaced or reused.

Additional benefits of hose flotation systems from Truco:

  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Moulded from top grade polyethylene

Applications: aquaculture, marinas, mining and dredging

Accessorise PVC, composite or rubber hoses
with quality products from Truco!
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  With extensive stock availability, Truco guarantees
faster delivery throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg,
Durban and Cape Town, as well as into Africa.
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Flotation systems now available:

Collar-floats: Locally made from moulded grade low-density
polyethylene (LDPE), the collar-float hose accessories comprise of
two sections bound together by stainless steel strapping. Widely
used in inland water and dredging applications.


Barrel-floats: The completely spherical barrel-float can withstand
the high impact of rough marine waters, as well as inland water
and dredging applications. The plastic hose accessories feature
a 1.2 metre diameter and can be fitted to 500 mm hose. Barrel-floats
are also more flexible than the original collar-floats.

For more information on Flotation Systems click here to enquire now.


Pontoons: Pontoons incorporate walkways and services where the  
carrying of dredger hoses is required. Manufactured from  “styrene
concrete” with curved surfaces to allow for easy moving and reduced
impact damage, the pontoons maintain stability even when damaged.
Leaks and cracks will not affect the pontoon's performance.


Bell-floats: Manufactured from ultra-low-density polyethylene (ULDPE), these bell-shaped hose accessories have an effective design that
maximises floatation and will not jam against obstacles in its path. The floats use a long tongue and groove location system to improve
the alignment of the two halves when joined. By using straps to join the shells together, the plastic ULDPE will not be crushed.

  Enjoy the convenience of Truco’s extensive stock holding and order flotation
systems today for faster delivery!
Enquire now for pricing, or phone 011 762 5291.
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Hose bends

Hose bends are designed for sharper bend radius applications created
by limited space. The correct liner and pressure rating, with additional
liner on the outer arc, can cost-effectively increase the bend’s lifespan.
These high-performance hose bends are used extensively in mining and
industrial applications throughout Africa and South Africa.

Additional benefits of Truco hose bends:

  • Manufactured according to specific application requirements
  • Custom designed for maximum usage
Hose bends
  Enjoy the convenience of Truco’s extensive stock holding and order hose
bends today! Enquire now for prices, or phone
011 762 5291.
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Wear detectors for hoses

Electronic wear detectors are used in a range of applications to
help prevent unexpected system failure by alerting operators to
the state of wear on the hose liner, as well as the precise location
of the problem, allowing for planned replacement of the hose.

This essential technology drastically lowers risks throughout mining
and industrial systems from the minute it is installed.

  Enquire today or phone 011 762 5291 and benefit from Truco’s fast delivery.  
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Also available:

Take advantage of Truco’s extensive stock
holding and faster delivery! Complete the enquiry
form or phone 011 762 5291 for information or prices.


Accessorise PVC, composite or rubber hoses
with quality products from Truco!
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