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Truco supplies a wide range of couplings for use in industrial, mining,
petroleum and agricultural applications, and include Camlock couplings,
Claw couplings, Pipe Couplings and Split Flange Couplings.

Truco’s Camlock couplings are interchangeable with other couplings and are widely
used with all types of rubber hoses, PVC hoses and composite hoses.

With a large industrial customer base that depends on faster service, Truco’s extensive
stock holding helps to ensure immediate availability. Truco supplies throughout South Africa, including Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as into Africa.

Extensive range of couplings now available from Truco:

Aluminium Camlock couplings
Poly Propylene Camlock couplings
Stainless Steel Camlock couplings
Camlock Reducers
Camlock Spool Adaptors
Brass Camlock couplings
Flanged Camlock couplings
Socketweld & Buttweld Camlock couplings

3 Arm Camlock couplings
DIN Camlock couplings
Claw couplings with hose tails
Claw couplings with female BSP threads
Claw couplings with male BSP threads
Pipe Couplings
Split Flange Couplings

Make the most of faster delivery and extensive industry knowledge. Speak to an expert on hose couplings today!
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Get quality air hoses from Africa’s largest
supplier and maximise your operations!
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Camlock Couplings

Features of our extensive range of Camlock Couplings:

  • All of our couplings comply to the highest standards of safety
  • ISO, DIN 2828 and MIL-C-27487 compliant
  • All Camlock couplings are interchangeable with other couplings
  • Dust cap and dust plugs are not designed for pressure applications
  • All of our couplings are available ex stock
Aluminium Camlock couplings  
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Claw couplings

Widely used in the compressed air industry, Truco supplies a range of claw
couplings that are available with clamps already fitted onto small diameter hoses.

Features of our Claw Couplings range:

  • Available ex-stock
  • Manufactured to European standards
  • Clamps can be purchased separately

Our range of Claw Couplings includes:

  • Claw couplings with hose tails
  • Claw couplings with female BSP threads
  • Claw couplings with male BSP threads
Claw Couplings
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Pipe couplings

Straub® high performance couplings use a unique design to effortlessly
join and secure pipes ranging from 1” to 120” (2.54 cm to 305 cm). The
range helps pipelines reduce pipe-misalignment and vibration, and
eliminates the need for extensive pipe end preparation.

Unique benefits:

  • No more need for welding, special tools or pipe end preparation
  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Secure seals, even on rough pipe surfaces

As part of Truco’s R30 million stock holding, Straub® couplings are available
fully assembled and ready to install. Couplings are further designed to match
a wide variety of pipe types, including steel and stainless steel, ductile iron,
FRP, PVC, PRVC and C900, concrete, copper and CuNi pipelines.

3 variations available:

  • Metal-Grip Couplings
  • Grip-L Couplings
  • OPEN-FLEX Couplings


  Achieve better pipeline joints with Straub® couplings from Truco!
Enquire today or call
011 762 5291
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Split flange couplings

Split flange couplings from Truco are widely used in hardwall pulp
and slurry mining hose applications in South Africa.

Unique benefits:

  • Cast from a high-grade corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy
  • Two halves with internal helix, correspond to corrugations of
    the mining hose
  • Available for hose sizes from 76 mm to 610 mm
  • Compatible with all major flange standards
  • Withstands pressures of up to 1 000 kPa

3 variations:

  • hose to hose
  • hose to steel pipe
  • hose to HDPE pipe

NOTE: Truco’s split flange couplings design allows for fast and easy fitting,
without requiring any special tools.


Take advantage of Truco’s extensive stock
holding and faster delivery! Complete the enquiry
form or phone 011 762 5291 for information or prices.

Split flange couplings 
Get your high performance hose couplings delivered in record time
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