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Conveyor Belt Accessories

Truco offers a range of conveyor belt accessories in order to extend the versatility, minimise the downtime and increase the performance of its entire range of conveyor belts.

As one of South Africa’s largest suppliers of conveyor belts, Truco offers a comprehensive range of accessories, state-of-the-art machines and on-site conveyor belt services. Designed for exceptional durability and versatility, Truco’s range of conveyor belt accessories help to guarantee lower cost of ownership
in even the most demanding applications!

Our conveyor belt accessories include:
(Click on the links below for product information)

Conveyor Belt Splicing Frames and Stringers Conveyor Belt Idlers
Conveyor Belt Skirting Pulley Lagging  

Features and benefits:

  • Designed for all conveyor belts
  • Performed on-site or in-house
  • Short delivery times
  • ISO 9001 compliant
  • SABS approved

Truco has been at the forefront of conveyor belt
technology for over 100 years. Combining expertise,
state-of-the-art technology and services to increase
the productivity of your conveyor belt!
Phone 011 762 5291.

Increase the versatility & performance
of your conveyor belt today!
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Conveyor Belting Accessories

Conveyor Belt Skirting:

Our conveyor belt skirting prevents material spillage and provides critical direction of the load for centre alignment of the conveyor belt. Our universal skirting has been designed for our entire range of conveyor belts.

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Conveyor Belting Accessories - skirting   
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Pulley Lagging:

We supply large diamond pulley lagging for optimal grip of your conveyor belt! The pulley lagging is bonded directly onto the pulley surface in order to prevent premature wear and increase the grip of tension pulleys which reduces spillage! We cater for all pulley face lengths with widths ranging from 1 000 mm to 1 800mm.

Complete the enquiry form and one of our sales staff will contact you.

Pulley Lagging   
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Conveyor Belt Idlers:

Conveyor belt idlers form part of the overall conveyor belt structure – providing motion to a driven conveyor belt. It also assists in applying angles to the belting to achieve different surcharge angles up to 45°. We supply leading trough, return, anti-seize, anti-run back, impact and rubber disc return idlers for our entire range of conveyor belts.

Enquire for immediate availability!

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Frames & Stringers:

Our durable, robust stainless steel frames are suited for our entire range of conveyor belts – accommodating all widths and application types. The frames are essential to the entire conveyor structure and are customised according to your application dimensions and requirements. We supply trough, return, transition, impact and v-return frames.


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Conveyor Belting Services

Conveyor Belt Splicing

We offer hot, cold and mechanical vulcanising conveyor belt splicing for our entire range of conveyor belts. We utilise specialised knifes, buffing and cutting machines, spark testing, vulcanising equipment and belt clamping mechanisms in our splicing process.
Our conveyor belt splicing is available in-house and on-site – drastically reducing your downtime.

 Conveyor Belting Accessories

Speak to a Truco consultant about our time-saving,
high performance conveyor belt accessories.
Phone 011 762 5291 now or fill out the
form above and we’ll call you back.

Increase the versatility & performance
of your conveyor belt today!
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