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Air Hose

Air Hose supplier-Truco, is Africa’s largest hose manufacturer!
Truco stocks and customises air hose solutions using flexible and
tested rubber technologies.

  • Designed for various mining and industrial applications
  • Manufactured with high quality Rubber Polymers and compounds
  • High pressure ratings
  • Constant stock of small bore hoses
  • Large bore hoses made to customer specification

See Truco’s air hose range suitable for the mining sector, industrial sector
and construction sectors

Air Hose Range view detailed specifications

Truco’s Air Hose range is designed to convey air at pressure ratings of 18000kPa.
To achieve air tight delivery to a product, the Air Hose range is manufactured with
high quality rubber designed to be flexible and withstand rugged conditions.

Only Truco has constant stock holdings of small bore air hoses. A comprehensive
range of the large bore rubber Air Hose range is also available at Truco. Customers
looking for tailored air hose rubber solutions benefit from Truco’s air hoses that are
manufactured according to customer specifications.

Understand how Truco classifies and distinguishes its range of industrial hoses. Ensure efficient ordering with this guide. Click here.  

Get quality air hoses from Africa’s largest
supplier and maximise your operations!
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Air Hose - Maximum Durability

Truco’s Air Hose range is manufactured towards the highest international standards*. Truco guarantees top quality air hose solutions for maximum lifespans and minimal maintenance.

 The Air Hose range is suited to various applications:

  • Pneumatic machine tools
  • Compressed air functions
  • Conveying high-temperature air and fumes

 Whether using PVC or rubber hoses for conveying air, Truco’s Air Hose range is engineered and manufactured with high quality and high standard Rubber Polymers and Compounds.
* (SANS1086/2007)

Air Hose - Maximum Durability   
  To secure your order of Truco's extensive supply of air hoses,
complete the enquiry form alongside and our sales staff will contact you back.
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Part Nominal Size Actual Approximate Working Approximate
Number Bore Inch mm OD Pressure Mass
H6001 012X 12 ½ 12.7 20.7 2000 kpa 0.338 kg/m
H6001 016X 16 15.88 25 2000 kpa 0.466 kg/m
H6001 020X 20 ¾ 19.05 28.1 2000 kpa 0.519 kg/m
H6001 025X 25 1 25.4 35 1400 kpa 0.686 kg/m
H6001 032X 32 31.7 42.7 1400 kpa 0.959 kg/m
H6001 040X 40 38.1 50.1 1400 kpa 1.228 kg/m
H6001 045X 45 44.5 56.5 1400 kpa 1.385 kg/m
H6001 050X 50 2 50.8 64.4 1400 kpa 1.789 kg/m
H6001 065X 65 63.5 76.5 1400 kpa 2.031 kg/m
H6001 080X 80 3 76.2 80.2 1400 kpa 2.579 kg/m
H6001 100X 100 4 101.6 116.2 1400 kpa 3.465 kg/m

Truco distributes nationally and throughout Africa

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Truco is the leading South African supplier and distributor of air hose to the mining and industrial markets

Air hose solutions for the mining sector:

  • The Air Hose range is manufactured for various types of mining materials.
  • The Air Hose range is capable of handling medium pressure functions including air compressors, and air delivery and rock drilling applications.
  • The Air Hose range includes hoses that have fire retardant and self-extinguishing properties.
  • The Air Hose range is designed to work in rugged mining conditions.

 Air hose solutions for the industrial sector:

  • The Air Hose range can be used for recreation applications.
  • The Air Hose range is suited for construction purposes.
  • The Air Hose range is ideally suited for use in pneumatic tools.
  • The Air Hose range can be used for general compressed air applications.
Suction and Delivery hoses   

Make the most of Truco’s extensive stock holding!
Enquire or phone 011 762 5291 now for plans and pricing.

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